An Analysis of Malawian Pastoral Letters

Topics: Catholic social teaching, Rerum Novarum, Living wage Pages: 5 (1934 words) Published: November 13, 2012
The church intends to help man in all the complex situations that man finds himself and here in Malawi through the bishops in the 1992 pastoral letter it played its role by tackling these realities by reminding the nation that all mankind falls from one father, (God) and is all equal, for this man’s value should be observed and preserved, it continues to impart the idea that it is an integral part of the society and is assigned to maintain a conducive environment worth living. The church calls for a need to sustain the socio-economic statuses of all to achieve equal experience of God’s gifts, it proceeds to foster the observation of conditions of labor for both the employer & employee nevertheless the supported families of the two parties. Educationally the church questions the state on the need of quality education provision & combating of the odds that exist in the education field as it is included on the state’s list of duties and to apprehend these odds the church suggests on its bond with the state. In the health sector the church strikes on the need to improve health services by also putting medical personnel on the quest of full dedication in their service provision as they deal with human dignity which is to be kept intact in respect to the creator, on the issue of HIV/AIDS the church commends the state, non-governmental organizations & the general public for all their efforts to deal with the pandemic furthermore condemns other protective measures that encourage practices that spread the infection e.g. condom use. The church also intervened on the issue of cooperation so that common good can be achieved and that all are entitled to freedom of expression regardless of their differences, finally the church calls the state and the nation to observe love and that the truth, humbleness should always prevail in all the state’s acts.

The pastoral letter published on 31 October, 2010 by the church through the bishops of the Episcopal conference of Malawi aimed at acknowledging the state on its positive accomplishments. The church also commented by criticizing the state’s governing strategies that prophesied fiasco on the nation’s progress. In complement the church applauded the state for its efforts to reduce food shortage problems through initiatives and advanced farming methods e.g. irrigation that would help make food available all year round. In the education sector the church appreciates the state’s idea of increasing tertiary education enrollment number to improve education standards. The church finally complemented the state for the hard working spirit being expressed through its economic independence by self-funding. As the church seeks to play its part of creating an atmosphere worth living since it is part of the atmosphere, by expressing its concerns and appreciation through the two pastoral letters, it focuses on a number of issues which vary in angles of approach but also differ in expressional amounts, this holds the differences and notable similarities between the two letters. One of the similarities is that of their intended targets which the state is. This is so because humans are political beings by nature and hold the ability to self-direct, this means that every problem and benefit experienced by the general public arises from the political field’s state of progress making the state an eligible target of the messages. The other similar factor is that they both stress much tension on the need to achieve the community’s common good. This can be noted as all the addressed issues in both letters either to the state or the general public appeals for both parties’ benefit rather the common good. Considering the thematic discussions made on different grounds, education can also be noted as the other similarity. Considering the fact that the political authority ought to promote and maintain the...
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