An Analysis of How Different Personalities of Female Influence Their Attitude Towards to Counterfeit Goods in London and Beijing

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Research Proposal

An Analysis of how different Personalities of female influence their Attitude towards to counterfeit goods in London and Beijing

Table of contents

Literature Reveiw6

Methodology and feasibility10

2.1 participant11
2.2 Question design11

3.feasibility Study12
1.Quetionnaire cover page18
2. Information Sheet19
3. Consent Form21

4. Questionnaire.23


Nowadays, counterfeiting is more common to be seen in the complex marketing, and it is an increasing phenomenon all over the world, draws a large quantity of individuals’ attention. However, both men and women live in different regions share the different attitudes towards to the counterfeit goods, as well as the different gender. The article is more focuses on the female in Beijing and London and is aims to figure out how the variety different personalities influence their attitudes to the counterfeit goods through a comprehensive literature review about the background of counterfeit stuff and the basic relationship about the female’s personality and their shopping behaviours, followed by a well-organised research during a long period, which contains several phases in order to achieve the final goal of this meaningful project.

Key word: counterfeit goods; female personality; deceptive consumption; Beijing and London

The counterfeit market is an inconvenient part of the current complex global market, concentrating a lot of attention from different angles including culture, society, economy and politics. There are some articles focused on the why customers are willing to buy the counterfeit goods, and some show their strong position against the counterfeiting. However, there is few article addressing the relationship between female personalities and attitudes of counterfeit goods by comparison between different regions. This proposal aims to research whether the different personality leads the different attitudes to the counterfeit goods in two different places —— Beijing and London. This research proposal consists of two main parts. In the first part, a critical literature review would be provided, as well as the background of counterfeit market would be discussed. After that, the report will come up with a proposal in order to figure out how different personalities influence their values and attitudes to the counterfeit goods in Beijing and London respectively. It would be a complex process with some researches and surveys. In the latter part, a feasibility analysis would be given to illustrate whether the proposal could be work and how could it should be proceeded. The whole article is to analysis how the different personality of women from two different cities could influence their attitudes to the counterfeit market. According to Juggessur, J. and Cohen, G. (2008), the style people seek plays a vital role in the development of counterfeit brand. The recent growth in demand of legitimate fashion items and the desire for the high-fashion brands provides the conditions essential of counterfeited goods. What’s more, fashion brands have control and dominate meanings to some fashion-enthusiasts customers to some extant. As Perez, M.E., et al (2010) claims that the consumers want to identify themselves with the halo from the corresponding status they would like to have. However, not all those consumers of prestige brands are willing to spend the money on those products. That is the reason why counterfeit goods have a large market, and have an increasing quantity of consumers. The previous studies have shown that women tend to develop the brand involvements than men (Sherrod, 1989). Moreover, the previous studies have also suggested the relationship between women and fashion is closer than that with men (Thompson and Haykto, 1997)....
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