An Analysis of Flexible Leadership Style

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An analysis of flexible leadership style

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Executive Summary

Flexible leadership style is a vital for leaders to manage the company that a leader needs to possess this model to cope with the changeable company activities. A leader who utilizes the flexible leadership style will provide a suitable working surrounding to his (her) subordinates, and make them working in positive emotion; hence, the subordinates would provide more profits to the company. Additionally, in different situations, the leader needs to change the leadership style to fit the current circumstance. However, the benefits of the situational leadership model are obvious to the leaders; many leaders still avoid adjusting themselves to change. Analyzing this fact, habit and fear of failure are two reasons for this problem. In order to overcome the resistance of changing leadership style in managing a company, the leader should obtain more education which could assist the leader understanding more and reduce anxiety. Furthermore, the leader can build a new habit, which is depended on the situational leadership model, to cover the old one.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
1.0 Introduction4
2.0 Flexible leadership style to a company5
2.1 Different subordinates need different leadership styles5
2.2 Different situations need different leadership styles6
2.3 Variable leadership styles for a company7
3.0 Resistance of changing leadership style9
3.1 Habits9
3.2 Fear10
4.0 Overcome the resistance of change11
4.1 More Education11
4.2 Building New Habituation12
5.0 Conclusion13
6.0 Recommendation14

1.0 Introduction

Leader plays a vital role in the operation of the company. The leadership style that a leader utilizes in managing is the key to nicely operate the company. According to Hersey and Blacnchard’s situational leadership model, there are four leadership styles in leading an organization in different circumstances, which represents that the leader needs to adjust his (her) leadership style to certain situations. The situational leadership model brings plenty of profit to the company. In this report, some evidence will be provided to proof it.

However, situational leadership model is a mature and effective model; some leaders still avoid following it. The reasons and solutions of this phenomenon will be mentioned in this report.

2.0 Flexible leadership style to a company

In the management activities, the leader should possess two basic behaviors which are task-oriented behavior and relationship behavior. Both of these two behaviors should be balanced during the company activities, which could assist the company acquiring favorable management model. However, because of the followers and the situations are different, the leader needs to change the leadership styles to handle the variable management activities.

2.1 Different subordinates need different leadership styles

In a company, the subordinates are all different in ability, emotion, and other factors. In order to effectively managing the company, the leader needs to utilize appropriate leadership style to certain subordinates, because the way that the leader treating the followers directly influences the emotion of the followers. According to Graham (1999), “having a comfortable and stimulating work environment is becoming a crucial factor in getting the job done right.” Individuals working in a comfortable surrounding would reduce the probability of making mistakes. Hence, the leader needs to provide the subordinates comfortable working environments, which could effectively assist the subordinates promoting the working efficiency.

Treating different staffs with suitable leadership style would make the subordinates feeling working in a comfortable surroundings, which could assist the followers keeping in active emotion. “The...
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