An Analysis of Extremism in Pakistan

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  • Published : January 28, 2013
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Who was Shahzab and why he was murderd?
Twenty-year old Shahzeb Khan was in dark grey shirt and trousers, the clothes he wore to the Valima of her sister when 9mm bullets pierced through his car and entered his body, which eventually killed him. He was the only son of his parents. That was December 25, 2012. The incident was a result of a small argument. Shahzeb Khan raised his voice when his sister was teased by a servant of saraj talpur. They just arrived from the wedding reception. But the issue was resolved by Shahzaib,s father. Khan left the house for a tea with friends later. Talpur and his friend Shahrukh Jatoi and their guards followed him. They fired bullets into Khan’s car, and left him severely injured, and eventually, dead. The suspects conveniently escaped with their families, after the incident. Even Khan’s father who is with the police, found that they can do very little to catch them. That is the result when the spoiled young son of influential landlords are challenged. Shahzeb Khan’s father Aurangzeb, said that taking lives had been easy for people with power and strong political backgrounds. Even if he had settled the dispute, his only son was still killed – a proof that influential people do not spare anyone and make it difficult for the police to catch the suspects. It is now a trend for young adults to carry guns while they travel, and point them to anyone, when triggered. Parliamentarians cannot do anything as their armed guards do the same. Friends of Khan remember him as a young man who is ready to seek justice for others. He always ended up something with a smile. His uncle Jahanzaib said that the last time he saw him, he joked with his daughters then went away, leaving them forever.

Why there was no FIR for six days?
The killers of shahzaib khan seemd like that they did a good thing so that there should be no FIR against them. But the reality is different. They did not do anything good but they killed a young boy named Shazaib due to little arguments between them. Shazib fateher is a DSP and it is a highly ranked post in police departement but no one was ready to write a FIR against the killers. The reason is because the killers bolngs to a landlord and very rich families. They are also supported by some political parties also. Even though Shahzaib was the son of a serving DSP, the FIR could only be lodged on the intervention of an MNA related to Shahzaib’s father. Can this be taken as an example of a dysfunctional state where killers can get away so easily? And then a MNA from a leading party in karachi MQM asked the police to write the FIR against the killers of SHAHZAIB khan.

SUpreme court Sou Moto action:
Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry has taken suo moto notice of Shahzaib murder case.The CJ also called the IG Sindh on 4th January.He also asked whether the FIR was lodged and what were the reason the killers were not arrested. The Supreme Court gave concerned authorities 24 hours to arrest suspects in Shahzeb Khan’s murder case and ordered for a challan of the same to be submitted to the registrar office. A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is hearing the case in which 20-year-old Shahzeb was killed over a small argument allegedly by feudals.The first hearing of the suo motu notice taken by the Supreme Court on Shahzeb Khan’s murder was on 7th january. Earlier during the hearing, the chief justice warned concerned authorities to arrest Shahzeb Khan’s murderers by evening, or risk losing their jobs. The chief justice, referring to a previous case, said: “The IG was saved in the last case but tell him that in this case, he will not be pardoned,” adding that he should have appeared in person. Speaking to the investigation...
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