An Analysis of Don Robertson's The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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“A man with no enemies is a man with no character.” – Paul Newman Paul Newman discusses what enemies bring to human nature. Impressive human characteristics are not traits that cannot be earned in tranquility. Humans have to be aggressive and overachieving to gain their characteristics, which also brings enemies within the character itself. Soccer player Lionel Messi has rivals which are his enemies who had formed Messi into an unbelievable soccer player. Messi would train, work, and compete to surpass his enemies and to achieve victory. In the Don Robertson’s The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread Morris Bird III, a nine Year Old boy creates enemies before and during the time when he sets out in a journey to meet his friend on the other side of the town. During this journey, Morris finds his enemies are cruel, disrespectful, and fearful. Morris finds his first true enemy, Logan Macmurray, the bully in Morris’s school. It is not the bullying that Morris had to suffer, but the cruelty of Logan with the salami sandwich is the essence of cruelty. Which naturally made the pain of Morris Bird III that much worse. It took a long time going away, and it never did really go away for good. He wondered how he ever would be able to make it up. He tried to make allowance. A person had to make allowances. But allowances weren’t enough. Morris suffers through great chaos after the incident of his salami sandwich and by the cruelness of Logan Macmurray. By Logan Macmurray getting expelled from the school “made the pain of Morris Bird III that much worse.” By the expulsion of Logan is troubling Morris. From this Logan is taking advantage of his cruel lie and making Morris to feel more pain, although Logan does not know if he is causing Morris’s pain to worsen. Also “But allowances weren’t enough.” trying to set his mind off from the cruelty is the principal part of this act. By working to make allowances let Morris to absolutely focus on his labor of making his...
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