An Analysis of “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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An analysis of “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night”

This poem was written by Dylan Thomas who had been acknowledged as one of the most important Welsh poets of the 20th century. The poem is a son’s plea to his dying father. Thomas shows four different kinds of people in four stanzas – wise men, good men, wild men and grave men so as to encourage his father to fight against death rather than to accept in silence. The tone used in the poem is passionate and intense. “Rage, rage against the dying of the light” (line 3) is an attitude the old is supposed to hold. “Old age should burn and rave at close of day” (line 2) is exactly the theme that the poet wants to pass on.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightening they Do not go gentle into that good night.
(line 4-6,Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night) Wise men eventually realize death is a natural part of life and they accept it as a fact at the end. However, it all happens after their words have forked no lightning, which means that their ideas and opinions have no impact on anyone or anything. It is meaningful for them to have influences on people around. When approaching death, wise men are robust to rave against death since their knowledge and thoughts still remain. Until hollowing out what they totally contain, wise men know it is time to go into that good night, which refers to death.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
(line 7-8, Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night)

In this stanza, Thomas puts forward a group of good men. In my mind, good men are responsible and reliable. Moreover, they prefer to devote their minds fully to what they are doing. Obviously,...
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