An Analysis of Dave Chappelle's Stand Up Comedy

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  • Published : March 10, 2011
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For What It's Worth is a excellent performance by Dave Chappelle There are not too many forms of entertainment out there that are as demanding and nerve-racking as stand-up comedy is. One person has to performs in front of a live audience ,while also trying to make a diverse group of people laugh of things one has made up, it is pretty difficult which give extra credit to the stand-ups comedians. With that being said, in the past decade, I have not seen others comedians come up with a well-rounded stand-up comedy as Dave Chappelle does in For What It's Worth. There is a reason why Dave Chappelle has often been named as a “comic genius”, and For What It's Worth proves him worthy of that designation. Dave has an unusual, nearly magical ability to take a painful subject and turn it into something hilarious, not every stand-up comedian can do it this easily, but it just comes easy for Dave Chappelle. Chappelle uses a mix of physical comedy and topical which is one of the primary reasons for his tremendous performance; For What It's Worth is without a doubt an excellent performance by Dave Chappelle. For What It's Worth is such an excellent performance by Dave Chappelle because of many things but especially because of the stories and the message that Chappelle tell. For What It's Worth takes place at the Fillmore in San Francisco, California in June 2004, where Chappelle makes jokes about many aspects of American culture including racial stereotypes, pop culture and politics. A homeless person masturbating on a bus, smoking weed with Native Americans, calling a Korean man Chinese, and exploring the differences between what white and black people eat/drink, were just a few of the many hysterical points Dave touched on this great performance. For What It's Worth has many incredible jokes but the highest joke happened when he was talking about the homeless guy masturbating on the bus, it was extremely funny. I could stop laughing from the beginning of it until the end....
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