An Analysis of Characters and Clothing of Marie Antoinette in Marie Antoinette

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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题目:An Analysis of Characters and Clothing of
Marie Antoinette in Marie Antoinette
试析电影《绝代艳后》中玛丽﹒安托瓦内特 的性格与服饰

学生姓名: 周莎莎
系 别: 英语系
班级/学号: 084/08021424
指导教师: 陈玲

2011年11月 25 日
Literature Review
Throughout recorded time and probably even before, clothing, along with food and shelter, has been one of the primary needs of all human beings in all parts of the world. We now recognize the utilizations and functions of clothing—protection against the elements, against cold and heat, against insects and other physical hazards, but these are not the only needs that clothing fulfills. Every individual has a variety of social, psychological, emotional, and aesthetic needs that also must be met in some way; clothing can and does fulfill some of them. (Gurel, 1981) Elizabeth defined clothing as “After all, life is mostly what you wear”. (Hurlock, 1929) Looking at some psychologists’ views, what commonly accepted is that many aspects of personality are not fixed and static throughout life, but undergo change through growth, development and experiences in the social situation. The general assumption is that clothing is used to reflect, express, or enhance one’s personality. Clothing is one of the most personal components of daily life, and at the same time it is an expression of social activities deeply embedded in the cultural patterns of an era. (Gurel, 1981) Clothing can be regarded as an art which reflects the beauty, and it is a significant manifestation of movie. Therése Andersson expressed “Clothing is a key feature in the construction of cinematic identities, and one of the tools filmmakers have for telling a story”. (Andersson, 2011) And Wyckoff's viewpoint is“ Costume design is intentionally made to support the narrative, each costume designer’s approach to designing...
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