An Analysis of Benefit in Implementing Total Quality Management Into B2C E-Commerce.

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An analysis of benefit in
Total Quality Management into B2C E-Commerce.

PMAN639-Project Quality Management
University of Maryland University College

Total quality management (TQM) comprises three elements; customer focus, variation and continuous improvement. Quality begins with understandings of customer’s requirements upon which the performance goal for the organization is based. Variation in quality is controlled by using statistical methods. Continuous improvement begins with statically defined current process and identifies the future modification to the process that might reduce the defects and increases the predictability of the performance. In this research paper the concept of TQM and ECommerce is explained. It discusses the issues of the quality in E-commerce. Finally it analyses the applicability of TQM in the ECommerce (B2C).

An analysis of benefit in Implementing
Total Quality Management into B2C E-Commerce.
The topic for this research paper is to analyze the benefits of implementing total quality management principles in e-business. In order to dig depth in to this topic we need to explore what is quality and define and discuss the concept of total quality management (TQM). Also we need to understand what e-commerce is and briefly explore various domains of e-commerce. Then we need to analyze the issues and benefit of implementing the total quality management in e-business. Analysis

Majority of leading companies are implementing customer focused quality management principles. Cost reduction, improve quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction are the core benefit of total quality management (TQM). TQM have helped many companies to improve their competitiveness (Yang, 2003). E-commerce helps to find new customers and it enhances the improvement of services for the existing customers. Vast numbers of companies are now reaching out large population of customers through e-commerce. Majority e-business firms have accepted the fact that key to their successes is the quality of their e-service. Current research has indicated that quality management principles of each organization must be restructured to face changing e-business. It is important to tag the major quality issues for e-business dealing with international market. Current research further indicated that the quality management principles must be effectively integrated in to the major issues of quality management for a successful E-business. Definition of quality is based on the need of customer. ISO 8402-1986 standards defines quality as "the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.” In his book “Managing Quality” Harvard Professor David Garvin defined quality using following principal approaches. Product based definitions where quality viewed as measurable features. For example the engineer can design a product to fit its benchmark of reliability, which can be measured. For user based definitions quality is a personal matter and products or services are of best quality if it satisfy their preferences. Manufacturing-based or process based definitions are standards set by the organization. Strict adherence to quantifiable standards would help to produce a product that satisfies specific user requirements. Excellence in quality lies in the standards set by the organization. Value-based definition, quality is defined in terms of costs. The consumer chooses a product or service which is based on quality at the affordable price. Thus quality is the confirmation of satisfied customers, and confirmation to standards set by the institution. Quality is the necessary characteristics of product and services to satisfy a consumer at an affordable price. Quality management is defined as an approach to manage a business whose focus is user’s satisfaction. Quality management...
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