An Analysis of Araby by James Joyce

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  • Published : February 5, 2012
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Lakesa smith
Comp II
Section 29
What can the following details mean? They could mean that he comes from a poor family that lives in a part of the city that people don’t look to good upon. What do you think some fo these images might be about? They are describing some of the things that he experienced or is experiencing every day. Also he’s telling you about his living conditions. Do you have any similar experiences of playing in a group of kids, maybe with some “rough tribes” as your “enemies?” Oh yes I have vivid memories of playing with my cousins and neighbors playing “cops and robbers,” or “mommy and daddy”. I look back on it and sometimes laugh at some of the ridiculous games that we played. Who are the authority figures in the story? I think that the uncle is more of the authority figure in the story. The boy cares what his uncle things and he also depends on him giving him money to go to Araby. Do they serve any roles in offering guidance to the boy? The aunt and the uncle both offer guidance to the boy but the uncle does so more than the aunt. How does he describe his feelings for her? He was shy in the beginning he watched her and was trying to get up the nerve to talk to her. Finally she spoke to him and he wanted her to go to Araby with him but she couldn’t because she had to go to prayer study. How is the attention he pays to the girl different from that of Sammy in “A& P”? I don’t the attention that he pays to her is any different than what Sammy does in the A&P. She doesn’t even know that he is watching or paying any attention to her at all. Why do you think that she suggest that the boy go to Araby? She suggests that he goes because it would be fun and he might enjoy it. Does she really care if he makes it or not? I don’t think that she really cares if he goes since she is not able to go. What stops him from going till the very late on Saturday evening? His uncle coming home late for dinner is what stops him from going until late. His...
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