An American Soldier

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The Professional Soldier

The professional soldier is the soldier that puts God, Country, and his fellow soldier

before Himself. The soldier that shows up for duty with the attitude of not what do I have to do

for my Army, but what can I do for my Army. The professional soldier adapts and overcomes

situations that would brake the average man down. The professional soldier is mentally and

physically a weapon to be used against enemies of the United States of America.

I am a professional Soldier. A dedicated warrior on the battlefield and home front.

An American who volunteered his life and family’s time for country. An American that shows

his courage, strength and loyalty both in uniform with his fellow soldiers, and out of uniform

in the civilian world. An American that instills pride and love of country in his wife, children,

and family. An American soldier that understands his duty for country may cost him his life,

but that life is given in defense of 6,000,000,000,000 other Americans, and the belief in

Democracy and the American way of life.

I follow a long line of soldiers, many of whom are alive today, and many more that are

not, but alive in spirit and memory. I follow a line of soldiers that when called to defend their

country, did so with honor and strength. I will continue to follow this long line of professional

soldier that stretches back over 236 years. I will also ensure by my presence, and example the

next generation of American Soldier.

I am an American Soldier, a warrior and a member of a team. A team with the most

professional players, coaches, staff family and friends. A team that is and will continue to be

The most feared and respected military on the planet. A military that others call to for help, but

our enemies fear and loath.

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