An American in Paris Analysis Paper

Topics: Love, Art, Friendship Pages: 3 (1302 words) Published: November 14, 2012
David C. Vales
September 27, 2012
American Genre Film
Film Analysis

An American in Paris
Vincente Minnelli

“An American in Paris” is about an American man named Jerry Mulligan living in Paris with his friend Adam Cook. The two are in need of jobs. Jerry is an artist who comes across a wealthy woman named Milo Roberts, who takes interest, in not only his art work, but in Jerry himself. Through Milo, out of coincidence, Jerry sees and meets Lice Bouvier and his feelings spark for her, creating a love triangle. When Jerry decides he wants to marry Lice, Adam learns about a conflict and another love triangle forms. Both of his friends love one woman. Henri Baurel, being that other man, is set on marrying Lice. Lice then must explain to Jerry that she has to marry Henri. Once Jerry’s feelings are broken he turns to Milo and they go to a New Year’s party. Here Milo and Henri find out that Jerry loves Lice and that they are getting married as soon as they get to America. The film ends after Lice returns moments after leaving to be with Jerry. The opening of “An American in Paris” by Vincente Minnelli started with a scene of art and a view of Paris. Paris is the perfect representation of art. Jerry who is the main character of this film started the narration. The audience first learns a little bit about the characters; Jerry, Adam and Henri. The audience gets up close to the characters personally. Jerry is a talented artist who can not only paint, but tap-dance and sing. Adam, and also a friend of Jerry’s, is a pianist who dreams of participating in a concert and Henri, who is a good friend of Adam’s, is a wealthy man who host’s musical concerts. The film then takes its course from there. What made the film interesting was that it was very narrow. “An American in Paris” can easily be defined as the relationships and talents of art in Paris, one of the most famous symbols of art. The film didn’t include doctors, accountants, lawyers or anyone of any high...
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