An Alternate Ending to the Novel; 1984.

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, English-language films, Love Pages: 5 (1435 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Winston walked down the sidewalk, a sense of apathy after his encounter with O’Brian in room 101 on several occasions, a sense of love; apathetic, emotionless love, for Big Brother. Winston did not remember what had happened in Room 101, nor how long he had been there for. Winston headed towards the park where he would meet the dark-haired girl he knew as Julia. Winston had an unexplainable emotion trapped inside his conscious, wanting to break free. Winston stopped for a moment to look up at a poster. The poster read: “Victory” with an enlarged picture of Big Brother on it. Winston immediately thinks of the war we are fighting; the war with Eurasia. It has always been Eurasia, he knew that.

Winston arrives at the park, dully as if this encounter was of no importance. Julia was within viewing distance, but so were the telescreens. But what did that matter to Winston, ThoughtCrime was impossible for him to commit, he did not know how to anymore. Julia called his name and he stumbled over to her;

“Good day Winston”
“Good day Julia”
Winston gazed at Julia’s scarlet sash, he had seen it once before. He stared for quite some time; Julia was quite oblivious to this. Winston saw this as an emblem and a personality he wasn’t familiar with. “When did you start wearing that?”

“The sash?”
“I’ve always worn this. Big Brother doesn’t approve of sex, why wouldn’t I?” Winston stared into the sky. He thought of his encounter with O’Brian. He could not seem to know why he was with O’Brian. Julia wore the sash with pride. Winston did not recollect any past moment where she had worn it in such a manner. That’s when it hit Winston, a rapid recollection of the past. He did not remember Julia as a clean-minded anti-sex member. Julia was creating such an innocent atmosphere, it seemed unrealistic. Winston knew her as a rebellious girl, who defied Big Brother and The Party. Winston ponders deeply about O’Brian and Room 101. What had he done to him and why is he suddenly recreating his personality. A rush of memories came flooding back.

Winston remembers what is in Room 101. Rats. He was afraid of rats. O’Brian used them to cause memory loss. It wasn’t just a brainwashing technique. O’Brian had infected Winston with a disease called Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. O’Brian was repugnant, he created images, words, stories and pseudo-love for Big Brother and the Party.

Winston remembers O’Brian explaining his brutal cynicism for the Party, yet he continues to convince Winston that the Party and Big Brother are to be trusted. O’Brian was a master of doublethink. O’Brian compiles contradictory sentences, phrases and stories. He believes he could defeat Winston.

“Yes Winston?”
“Come travel with me to the countryside, we have to talk”

Julia and Winston board a train and head off to the countryside. Julia still seems lost and doesn’t particularly understand why Winston requires her to speak so far out of the town.

Winston and Julia arrive in the exact spot where they first met each other outside of eye contact. Julia winces and comes to a sudden realization and jumps on Winston, holding tight as if she could never let go. “Do you remember now Julia?”

“Yes Winston! But what did O’Brian turn us into? What was he planning?” “I don’t know. I believe he is Big Brother”
Julia pauses for a second and thinks about this large comment that Winston has told her. “What do you mean he IS Big Brother?”
“Isn’t it obvious Julia, no-one has ever seen Big Brother, no-one has heard him speak, no-one has made contact with him besides the highest authority. I have never seen someone higher than O’Brian.” “Come to think of it either have I”

“We are unique you know?”
“How so?”
“We look past all of O’Brian’s outlandish rules.”
Winston remembers O’Brian saying that Julia betrayed him.
“Julia, I didn’t betray you, you know that right?”
“I know Winston, I didn’t betray you either, it was all a scheme, O’Brian used our love...
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