An Allegorical Re-Interpretation of the Book of Ruth in Light of the Present Day Inattentiveness of the Church to the Great Commission

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  • Published: December 12, 2012
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An Allegorical Re-interpretataion of the Book of Ruth in light of the Present Day Inattentivesness of the Church to the Great Commission. C. Kwame Sarpey.

GoodLife Network. August 2012

Definition of Terms.
* Allegory – a story in which a meaning is conveyed other than that of the words themselves; a story to illustrate truth in which one thing is said and something else is meant. * Bethlehem – fruitfulness, place of revelation, house of bread, the place where wheat is grown, new things are created, the place where the Messiah will come from, where the Judgement of God will begin. * Judah – praise.

* Elimelech – my God is king.
* Naomi – my pleasant one.
* Mahlon – sick.
* Chilion – pining (to suffer strong longing/yearning, to wither or waste away from longing and grief). * Ruth – beauty.
* Orpah – hind or fawn (to seek favor supporting slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior, back). * Judge – a person who makes decisions on legal matters. * Israel – prince with God.

* Moab – son of the father.

“Now it came to pass in the days when the Judges ruled there was famine in the land………” It is not the mandate of Judges to rule, but rather to carry out the decrees of Kings. Yet, in the time of this story, Judges ruled in the land of Israel. Their rulership brought about famine in the house of bread, their rule brought about lack in the place of fruitfulness. We need to understand that when kings refuse to do their duty – which is to rule, there will always be famine in the land. Anytime there is farmine in any area of life, it signifies a break in rulership. God created us in such a way that we always need an external agent to help us enforce even that which is for our own good. The Church has been made an agent of reconciliation, because in this age of the New Covenant, we are the Kings and if we refuse to rule, ‘strangers’ to the throne will rule. We also need to know that the Church is our...
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