An Advertisement Campaign in the Background of International Environment

Topics: BMW, China, Luxury vehicle Pages: 5 (1380 words) Published: January 2, 2013
I. Introduction
BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1917. It is an international famous brand which received a profit of 4.881 billion euro in 2011 and has its overseas subsidiaries in seven countries including China (When was BMW founded n.d.).

As an international company, BMW invests large amount of capitals on advertisements all over the world. This raises a problem of how to handle appropriately the regional differences in the background of international advertisement strategy. To research this topic, an advertisement of BMW in China will be analyzed in this report. Besides that, reasonable assumptions of its editions in Japan and Denmark will be put forward on the base of two aspects. One is the differential consumer demands; the other one is cultural difference.

II. Analysis and Prediction
1. Description and analysis of the chosen advertisement
2.1 BMW X3
BMW X3 is a model of City SUV produced by BMW AG. It was launched to the Chinese market since 2004. In 2011, the new X3 at a price range from 339,000 yuan to 426,600 yuan (BMW X3 shopping guide n.d.) was showed to the public. ‘In China’, said the vice president of BMW China, ‘the customer orientation of X3 is middle class and middle-aged people. Especially those 30 to 50 age couples who are both high educated and have good prospects of developments in their careers (Chen 2008).

2.2 Analysis of the advertisement
This advertisement mainly expresses the association between “stop” and “move” with the concept of Chinese Taiji. The advertising discourse is an ancient Chinese prose with the meaning of “Though it’s quiet, it’s moving. It can stop without any noise.”

Its content is emphasized on its engine and brake performance. This accurately fitted to the central concept of X3, which is maneuverable and dynamic. Although it is not a narrative advertisement, the fancy-dressed successful man, ancient Chinese prose and high-level absolute music all contrast a feeling of success and sagacious.

It cleverly grasps consumer psychology in China. According to a survey about the consumer psychology to luxury products (BMW is regarded as a luxury vehicle brand in China), people regarded brands were more important than qualities. Besides that, they bought luxury vehicles for achieving enjoyment and raising their social status (936 pieces of survey about luxury consumption in China expose Chinese consumer psychology 2010). From this aspect, this piece of advertisement was a success in China for it not only smartly using Chinese characteristics but also accurately seizing Chinese consumer psychology.

2. Unification and globalization
As an international brand, BMW will definitely unify the central concept and product positioning of different regions on the background of globalization. Wang Tao, the English major professor from Science University of China, considered that an international advertisement should base on two aspects: one is common humanity; the other is advolution of globalization. An international advertisement might be the same in all the countries or regions except the language in the future (Wang 2004).

On the purpose of setting a unified standard to ensure its product quality and brand reliability, in this advertisement, target customers, product positioning and even the style of background music might be unified. 3. International advertisement Localization

4.3 In Japan
Since Chinese vehicle industry is still on the preliminary stage, most Chinese people are not actually familiar with the functions of vehicles, such like oil wear, motive power, manipulation and graduaded disk (Zheng 2006) As a result of it, people are more likely attracted by added value what vehicles can bring to them, such as social status and a sense of achievement. On contrary, as a neighboring country of China, Japanese consumers act quiet different from the...
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