An Act of Selflessness

Topics: Gratitude, Thought, American films Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: January 28, 2013
When I swim past this secret chamber, an incident which happened five years ago will uncontrollably appear in my mind. This was what happened then…

“Yay! We’ve won again!” The school of baby angelfish exclaimed excitedly.

“Okay, okay.” I, the dolphin, said reluctantly. The baby angelfishes cheered once again.

“Hey, what’s that sound?” I asked, curiously. My eyes wandered around, and an enormous creature greeted my eyes. I retreated into my world of silence as I tried to think of a way to save the baby angelfishes.

I suddenly recalled that there was a secret chamber nearby. We swam with all our might towards it and found out that it could only either contain the school of baby angelfish or me.

Without hesitation, I shoved them into the chamber. Just when the shark was appearing nearer and nearer to me, I had the thought of giving up. I closed my eyes, hoping for a painless end in my life.

“Swish!” a sound came from nowhere.

I slowly opened my eyes and I saw Tami, my shark friend. The enemy shark was knocked out by her. She came to our rescue in the nick of time.

Soon, I released the baby angelfishes and we had a chat.

“Thanks a whole bunch! We wouldn’t have been saved without the help of you. You risked your lives for us. We will sure tell our mum about this and thank you with a feast!” one of the angelfishes said.

“No problem. Actually, we all should thank Tami. She was the one who saved my life.” I replied, full of gratitude.

Until now, I have never forgotten this incident and it will be ingrained in my mind for eternity.
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