An Abridged Online Ebook Store

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BREVITY| Brevity: An Abridged Online eBook Store|

Value Proposition5
Value Chain6
Procuring raw Material:6
Strategic Alliance:7
Revenue Model7
Advertising Revenue Model:7
Sales Revenue Model:8
Market Opportunity8
Competitive Environment and Comparative Advantage9
Management Team9
Payment System9
Security Features Required10
Network Infrastructure10
Financial Cost Structure12
Strategic Alliance Cost:12
Web Site Development12
Web Site Hosting:12

I wish to take this opportunity to give our sincere thanks to our faculty Dr. Devendra Punia Sir. This assignment owes every bit of what it is to the guidance of Devendra Sir. It was only his able guidance coupled with great motivation that kept us driving all the way through. I would also like to thank our friends whose help we sought every time we were confronted with a problem. Had it not been for their support, this assignment would not have met its proper fate.

Brevity Online ebook Store is an abridged book store, where in fiction and course books are summarised. At Brevity, we believe in providing consumer experience with quality products. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors and other online ebook stores in the terms that we cater to niche target audience wherein we summarise course books for graduation and post graduation students and fiction books across all ages. We are currently based in India, New Delhi and operating for the needs of students in the country. However, this is not to mean that we do not allow people across borders to shop from our website. The Fiction/Novels section is common for all. However, for course books, we have been catering only to the needs of Indian students; however, we aim to expand our business in some time. The 21st century is the information age, the world of e-commerce is rising, and the B2C sales model is gradually becoming more acceptable by customers. We believe in providing current day high technology ebook solutions and provide our customers with exquisite experience in this age of cut throat competition. In a conventional bookshop one may have immediate access to a few hundred titles but attendants are often ignorant or unable to guide you to your choice of books. Bookshops are also short on space which is why clear categories are absent and titles difficult to find among random displays. Over the past few years we have found that consumers are becoming more comfortable buying their books online as in traditional brick and mortar market spaces the buying experience is a bit more terse, unorganized and limited by space than an online eBook store. The current day life style requires that the books be

Value Proposition
The website will provide for a free sign up and an account for each sign up will be maintained, with the following information 1) Age
2) Occupation
3) If students
* Class
* Course
* Subjects of interest
This will help in deciding which target market the /Age group the account member falls into. Following will be the layout on which the website will be developed Fiction/Novels

Course Books/ Presentations


Latest Additions






Each category will have further sub categories. These subcategories will then be divided into books that will have the option of either paid or free. So essentially, the users can look for books they desire in abridged form, and they can find if they are for free or require some charge. In any case, the charge on the books/presentations will be relatively less and will...
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