Amys Bread-Introduction to the Case

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M07-Firm Overview-Introduction to the Case
Case Title: Amy’s Bread
Date: 1/16/2010

Internal Perspectives

Amy’s Bread has become a thriving business, but even though it is thriving it faces problems just like any business does. The main problem Amy’s Bread is facing is that the space they are in now is not large enough. It leads no room for growth/expansion. Because this is such a large problem, smaller problems have grown from it. Amy’s not sure whether to keep her company both wholesale and retail or just wholesale. Her finances will change greatly with the expansion if she decides to do so. Her waiting list has become very high due to the lack of space she cannot accommodate all of her clients. As with any good company Amy’s Bread has grown from an unknown bakery to a bakery that everyone wants a piece of. As she started getting so big, the problem with space and location became very big. With this problem growing the smaller problems began to surface and the progression began. With her lack of space, came the problem of whether to expand or not. With that problem came the problem of keeping her company wholesale and retail or just going wholesale. Then as all of these problems surfaced came the problem of financial burden and possible increase of debt with the possibility of expansion. Finally with her lack of space came the inability to meet the consumers/wholesalers needs. External Perspectives

Amy’s Bread is part of the bakery/restaurant industry. This industry is highly competitive; it also has an increasing demand in bread products. Marketing, wholesale and retail products and customer service are very important parts of this industry. I believe that the main characteristic that contributed to the problem regarding her lack of space is that she is in a highly competitive industry, and the consumer has an increasing demand for bread products. This creates a problem that because of her lack of space she can’t stay competitive and...
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