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Amy Tan is a daughter of a Chinese emigrant, who had a dream of going to America, to escape poverty and provide a better quality of life and education for her daughter. This dream is accomplished, providing her daughter with the right tools to become a successful writer, and she then goes and discusses her relation with her roots and heritage, through the language she is speaking now, English. She mentions her passion for language and how it is the 'tool of her trade'. She is basically sharing with us her views and opinions, about language, and how it affected or limited her possibilities in life.

Moreover, I believe the story is very deep and conceives an important message. It's not just about the language itself, but also defines relationships with parents, the cultural background and heritage. It views life through an international individuals perspective, and is about leaving your home country and living abroad. It is about fighting for your future, demanding a better quality of life, survival of the fittest. It is also about the generation gap, how our opinions and language differs, about being ashamed, at some point, of your parents, because they portray a negative image which could affect your reputation, indirectly. In the end, it is about coming home, in a way, after a long absence, and being proud again of what you are and what your heritage is.

Initially, Amy Tan experiences a feeling of shame because her friends, sometimes, could not understand what her mother was saying. Furthermore, she is also upset because they said her English is “broken”, “as if it were damaged and needed to be fixed”.She also stated that this limited her perception of her mother and that “her English reflected the quality of what she had to say”. Because, to express something in a wrong or imperfect way, you must be imperfect or limited in your thoughts. Amy Tan, unfortunately,...
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