Amy Tan

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What are going to be in the portfolio are my interview, and my second essay. Overall the two help me throughout my essay because I improved on my writing along the way. The one author that I feel that I get attached to be Amy Tan.

I connected to Tan when she talks about the “Mother Tongue” I can relate that to my own experienced. Tan writing about the Mother Tongue, language seem to make me think about my own language and how it’s important to recognized it and keep the memory of the language spoken often. The experienced with her mother how “English” has taken over their language. With my first essay was on the friendship I had with my cousin and the conversation we had together. The interview makes me seem closer to her and how close cousin can help one another even though we are there only a few minute. We share this one time experience and can understand one another from my point of view we had on that day.

Though out the class I improved a lot from writing my essay. I improved on how to make my paragraph longer. And I get to enjoy my all time favorite author. Passing in my portfolio make me feel that I improved better and that writing is with free thoughts and the thoughts to put on papers and go from there.

I learned that being stuck on a topic mean “your mind is blank go free write for a while and come back” with this I can write more and think clearly.
The author Amy Tan and the interview that is in my portfolio are the two are my favorite choose that improved from my prospective. Amy Tan the greatest writing helps me understand the basic of language and the closeness with her mother and how I look back with the same situation I had with my mother too. I felt that Amy Tan the way language seem to pop up a lot in the reading makes me think more about language and culture thought out the reading.

There are other authors that also define art in beauty such as Alice Walker she captured one beauty by the outside is broken but the inside still...
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