Amy' Bread

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  • Published : July 18, 2011
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Course Management Principles

Student: Corinne Benson
SWOT Analysis

|Organization: Amy’s Bread | |Operational Objectives: Amy’s Bread has seen steady growth over the last few years. This success has overextended both | |the employees and the warehouse space. Amy is looking to move operations to one of two locations: a building on 31st | |street, or one on 15th street. The 31st street location would allow Amy to expand her wholesale business and allow her | |to invest in a property instead of leasing. Amy should also look into adding a manager to allow her the time to focus | |on the overall business. Her most profitable bread lines are the high-priced breads, she should look into increasing the| |number of high-priced bread. Eventually, Amy should consider opening small retail locations in New York City. |


|Strengths |Weaknesses | |Amy’s entrepreneurial spirit |Bakery industry is highly competitive with low wholesale profit margins | |Toy Kim Dupree-excellent right-hand manager |NYC locations are very expensive | |Already has about 50 wholesale customers, plus 30 on a waiting list |Higher labor costs due to hand-production techniques | |Positive work environment (5 day work week, better pay than competition, |Ingredient prices are volatile; | |benefits package, 401(k) plan, employees allowed to speak freely, low turnover)|Ingredients are more expensive than the competition’s |...
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