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Amway's Indian Marketing Experience

Blunders made in Marketing Mix by Amway

The blunders made in Marketing Mix by Amway are, the first and four most is they neglected direct selling in India which was already a successful proven model, the second one is 50 – 60% of products where consumed by the distributors, poor customers service which they still lag.

The image which was created about Price was other blunder mistake, but in this company has failed to explain the actual fact to the customers that price which fixed is for concentrated one and they can dilute from it, the other major mistake is they failed to explain about the product to the customer the Adhoc Network which was followed by Amway was not effective the duplication made in training was not up to the mark.

Authorities in the Indian state of Kerala have shut down Amway's operations there amid allegations the company was operating as an illegal “money chain” and “cheating,” according to Indian media accounts.(source: The Economic Times of India), this was again a big pull down for the company

The seven mistakes which is mentioned in the book “The 7 fatal mistakes in Network Marketing by Taigh G Smyth” had happened in Amway Marketing Mix, the seven mistakes are •.Employee mindset(interested in offer by not ready to work intensively) •Thinking that everyone is your prospect

Not getting proper training
Believing the traditional methods are the best way to built •Buying leads
Believing that this business offer multiple streams of income •Thinking you can’t build online business.

Suggest a Marketing Mix for Amway with specific reference to Product P of the 4 Ps. You will have to justify your answer with market based facts in which Amway is operating in India.

Clearly explain the market segmentation strategy and your suggestion for “Place” of Marketing Mix?

Marketing Mix of P - Product
(suggest a marketing mix for Amway with specific reference to product P of the 4...
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