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Topics: Water, Drinking water, Pollution Pages: 3 (348 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Did you concern about the drinking water of your family?

Do you really believe your drinking water is


Soil & Dirt Heavy Metal Agriculture Toxic Rust Lime

泥沙&杂质 重金属铅 水中有机物 铁锈 石灰

Do you ever think where does the home tap water come from?

Acid Rain 酸雨

Factory Excrement 工场排泄物
Farm chemical 农药

Household waste 人造废物 Rubish 垃圾

Environment Polluted 环境污染

Potential Contamination Sources 潜在污染源

Chlorine treatment by municipalities 添加氯站

Potential Contamination Sources 潜在污染源

Microorganisms in storage tank 细菌和微生物的滋生

- Can remove 140 health-effect - Stock up more than 140 health-effect contaminants. 过滤超过140污染源。 contaminants. 可囤积超过140污染源。 - Destroy 99.99% bacteria and virus. - Infected by any bacteria and virus 消除细菌与病菌高达 99.99%效果。 可以被任何细菌与病菌感染。 - Purify over 5,000 liters of water in 1 - Depend on type of water. year. 可过滤5,000毫升自来水。 滤水量:依水质而定。 - Cartridge Price only RM499. - Priceless. 无价之宝 滤芯价格才RM499。

Still can ZIPP

I only RM3200

Is my water clean enough? 您喝的水够干净吗? 1. It looks clean. 清澈 2. It smell clean. 无味道 3. It tastes clean. 口感好 4. It must be healthy. 健康

You actually drink polluted water every day! But you don’t know , because YOU DON’T SEE IT

1. 不能喝太干净的水! 答案:那么就直接喝自来水吧! We can’t drink hygiene water! Answer:

So drink tap water straightly!

2. 水煮过就安全! 答案:那么就拿河水来煮吧! Drink boiled water more safe! Answer:

Then boil the drain water !

3. 喝RO 水不是更干净吗? 答案:电箱你敢喝吗?也是RO水。 但是它没有矿物质。 RO water is most clean! Answer:

So drink car battery water Because it also RO water. RO water without minerals.

Boil water can not remove all the polluted contaminants .

水煮开了,水壶也煮开了 水中的有机毒物和重金属, 煮的再久也不会离开。


电子感应 耦合科技





Electronic Monitoring

Quality Control

Do you brave to drive a car without meter indicator??? 请问您敢驾驶一架没有 电子控制表的车吗??

RM499 1L RM0.10

=RM1.50 1.5 L
1L= RM1.00

Flood in Thailand

Government using Espring during...
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