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Market Research Project Report for:

To Devise an Online Media Strategy



This is to certify that the Market Research Project Report titled “To Devise an Online Media Strategy for Amul” is a bonafide work carried out by “Neel Jadhav” and his team of 28 members under my guidance as part of TAPMI‘s annual market research fair, BrandScan 2011.

Signature: Name of Faculty Guide: Prof. K. J. Jaims Date:


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The project was successfully completed due to important contributions from a number of people.

First and foremost, I take this opportunity to thank Prof. K.J.Jaims, the faculty guide for the project, for his continuous support and valuable insights without which the project would not have been successful.

I am also thankful to all the faculty members of T.A.Pai Management Institute for their guidance and co-operation in all the stages of the project.

I am especially thankful to the Convener, Co-Convener and the entire BrandScan team for giving me this opportunity to work on this wonderful project.

I also thank T.A.Pai Management Institute for instituting a market research fair like BrandScan and thereby providing us with a platform to apply our theoretical knowledge to practical problems.

Last, but definitely not the least, I would like to thank my Leader Support Group and all the other team members who helped me in conducting this research. Without their active support and involvement this project would not have materialized.


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Executive Summary
This market research project was carried out for ―Amul‖, the largest food brand in India and the world's largest pouched milk brand. The objective was ―To devise an online media strategy for Amul‖. The research objectives for this project were as follows  To find the online media usage habits and tastes of Indian internet users  To measure the perception and attribute association of internet users towards Amul  To derive an association between Amul products and the online medium as well as the context in which consumers would like to see them  To understand major parental concerns regarding children‘s well - being  To study successful online campaigns and games and gain insights from them  To devise a preliminary framework for Amul‘s online media campaign The research process was divided into the following 3 stages  Pre-BrandScan (Exploratory Research Phase) o Focus group discussions, exploratory questionnaires and personal interviews were conducted during this stage  BrandScan Phase (Disguised Game based Conclusive Research) o Research was carried out using disguised games. This phase took place in 2 stages with the 1st stage in Mangalore in the form of mall format and the 2nd stage in Manipal in the form of a fair format.  Post-BrandScan Phase (Conclusive Research) o This stage involved survey based research to validate findings of previous stages The total sample size for the project was 483 with respondents belonging to the age bracket of 13-58. 58% of the total sample size belonged to the age group of 18-28. BRANDSCAN’11 T. A. PAI MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE, MANIPAL

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The key findings from the research are as follows  Social media websites were the most popular online destinations with 54% votes. Facebook came out as the most frequently visited social media website with 54% of respondent‘s votes. Crosstabulation revealed 45% of all the respondents who voted for Facebook as their most frequently accessed website were in the age group of 1828.

 68% of the surveyed respondents were aware of at least one online campaign and 94% were aware of at least one online game. But only 22% had participated in such a campaign in the last 3 months and 87% had played an online game.

 The major...
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