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Trading Standards
From our experience, consumers who write a formal complaint letter that clearly outlines their problem often achieve a satisfactory outcome at an early stage. One letter can be more effective and less costly than several phone calls. You can still contact the trader by telephone, but do remember to confirm important points in writing.

Always send your letter by Recorded Delivery and keep a copy These copies may be useful if you have to take your claim to the county court.

• Paragraph 1
Give details of the goods or services, such as any reference numbers, dates and prices.
• Paragraph 2
Give details of your problem. List the faults.
• Paragraph 3
Give the trader a diary of action taken, such as visits and telephone calls. • Paragraph 4
Tell the trader what you want done about the problem and by what date. Remember, any time scale has to be realistic and reasonable.
• Paragraph 5
Tell the trader what steps you will take if this is not done, such as possible county court action.

If the goods or services cost over £100 and were bought using a credit card or on finance arranged by the trader, send the credit company a copy of the above letter asking them for assistance. Give details such as agreement or account numbers.

Example Letters of Complaint:-

Customer Services Manager
No-con Garages
Old Street
CT11 11D

Ivor Mishap
123 Abacus Street
(Remember to date your letter)

Dear Sir/Madam
Re: Renault 5 A11 ROT
At approximately 8.30 am on the 15th September this year, I brought my vehicle, a Renault 5, Registration Number A11 ROT, to your garage and asked you to service it. When I collected the vehicle from you at approximately 4.30 pm the same day, I was told that you had carried out a “full service” and had adjusted the timing, replaced the air filter, spark plugs, distributor cap and cam belt and carried out a complete oil change. The bill for this...
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