Amti Statement of the Problem

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Rationale of the Project

In today’s generation, computers are great help not only to humans but also to all kinds of computerized business transactions. It also helps to facilitate in gathering and processing vital information and to help the people communicate through writing, publishing, and even in presenting in any business transactions. It is a resource that the practitioners, researchers, and even managers can rely on the changing world of technology. Thus, this machine is capable of manipulating various types of works and complex calculations. In fact, these machines are extremely versatile and able to stabilize every task to make it easier and more convenient to use. As time goes by, computer technology evolves from one generation to another, from a simple abacus that could do simple calculations, to mainframe and super computers that could do both scientific and complex calculations, and could manage vast amount of information. People experience the benefits of computing in a day-to-day basis, such as point-of-sales systems, withdrawing cash from an ATM machine, booking a flight online, communicating to loved ones via SMS, e-mail, and the Internet in general.

Since computer technology affects environmental aspect, it has a big impact to improve not only on the lifestyle of the human beings but as well as to businesses. In the sense, that the role of having an automated technology eliminates discrepancies and gives solution to the problem. Before, it was a burden to exert much more effort on task and some were left undone. Scheduled and anticipated work could not be settled in specified time. Everything relentlessly change, so as there is a need to upbeat the constant change in this modern world where everything is done automatically and systematically through the help of useful newly- gadgets like computers. Clearly, computers are ubiquitous machines. Its purpose is not to replace human beings, but to help augment the burden and the discomforts that manual processes bring.

At present, it is observed that companies are embracing the offerings of the computer technology in order to be globally competitive. Thus, the term MIS, Management Information System, was coined to refer to an organized, integration of hardware, and software technologies, data, processes, and human elements designed to produce timely, integrated, relevant, accurate, and useful information for decision-making purposes. MIS plays an essential role in every business. If the MIS department in the company is maximized, the transaction processing would be more organized, structured, and efficient. This would lead to the development of Business Intelligence that gives historical, current, and predictive views of business operations and environments, and gives organizations a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Accent Micro Technologies Inc. (AMTI) is a distinguished Filipino-owned company focused on providing innovative, quality-assured end-to-end ICT solutions and services. With a service offering catered towards large-scale business, AMTI has been recognized partner of leading technological brands for Systems Integration. The company’s history dates back to 1996, when it was focused to reselling IT hardware components as its primary business. Today, AMTI has expanded its products and services considerably, in alignment with the fast paced ICT environment. The company maintains among its clients a healthy mix of customers from the corporate, government, and private sectors.

Being one of the leading Systems Integrator and corporate IT reseller of choice of the Philippines’ top corporations, AMTI employed account managers that would cater the needs of the company’s clients. While, a sales team works to close deals with small to large businesses, it is necessary to maintain individual accounts and keep track of contacts under them. An account represents a company, organization, business or a similar concern that...
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