Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Topics: IATA members, SkyTeam, Delta Air Lines Pages: 15 (4748 words) Published: April 22, 2011

Ground handling4
Baggage handling4
Passenger terminal operations5
Airport security6
Cargo operations7
Airport technical services7
Air control8
Aircraft scheduling8
Airport and aircraft emergency services9
Airport access9
Operational management issues10
Future developments11
Reference list12
Appendix 1 - Arrivals & Departures14
Appendix 2 – Regular flights Paris Charles de Gaulle20
Appendix 3 – Airline companies21
Appendix 4 – Runways22
Appendix 5 – Interview23

This report deals with the terminal operations of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The aim of this report is to gain more insight in the operations of Amsterdam Airport in various departments and subjects. The information in this report is retrieved by a deskresearch and by conducting an interview with an employee of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This interview can be found in appendix 5. The subjects that are dealt with in this report entail amongst others security, passengers terminal operations, cargo operations and scheduling. In the end of this report a look to the future can be found.

Ground handling
Since Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is such a large hub, many people have to deal with the ground handling of the company. In 2009 43.6 million passengers travelled via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which means that on an average day, 120.000 people make use of the Airport and of 1.035 flights (Airport facts Schiphol, 2010). Therefore, the ground handling is an important factor in the operational management of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Ground handling is dealt with in different area of the airport. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has three departure halls, which all three have different airline companies using it, with different security checks. This will be further explained in chapter X. Passenger get in contact with the ground handling first during checking in at one of the departure halls. Here the employees have to check in the passenger and its luggage. Next to that, the travel documents are checked. After checking in, the passenger has to go to the Dutch Military Police. The Dutch Military Police will check the hand luggage of the passenger, together with the boarding pass and the travel documents. The passenger itself is also checked if no weapons are being brought into the plain. After this, the passenger have to wait for their flight, which means that they have time to go shopping or eat something at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Finally the passenger has to go to the gate, where everything is checked on last time. This is where the airplane is connected with the gate, and the passenger can board. Besides checking in, there is also a transfer desk, where people who have a transfer to another plane have to check in. Furthermore, during checking in, it is determined if a person needs guidance to the gate. This is the case with an unaccompanied minor or with people in a wheelchair. Baggage handling

The way in which baggage is dealt with, is different per airline company and destinations. The first option is the piece concept. This deals with how many pieces of baggage a passenger is allowed to bring. Next to that, there is the weight concept. The weight concept entails how many kilograms the passenger is allowed to bring to the airplane. This also dependent on the airline company and if the passenger booked economy class or business class. With some companies, such as Easy Jet, the passenger has to pay for the baggage, since it sells its tickets very cheap. It is not allowed to have more than 32kg in one suitcase, because otherwise the baggage would become too heavy for the staff to handle it. When the passenger has checked in, the baggage comes on an assembly line and goes to the basement. In the basement, the baggage is sorted per flight and brought to the correct airplane. With arriving passengers, it is a similar procedure. Only the...
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