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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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AP Prep Book Gist Notes
United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination

Ch. 4
Title: Imperial Wars And Colonial Protest, 1754-1774

Important Ideas from Empires at War

← In both King William’s War and Queen Anne’s War, the English launched expeditions to capture Quebec but they failed.

← King Georges War involved the British Colonies, the French and the Spanish.

← The final war began in the colonies and spread to Europe.

← Britain prevailed and introduced a new imperial policy.

Section Summary:

← Great Britain, France, and Spain were at work during the late 17th century.

← These wars occurred intermittently over a 74-year period from 1689 to 1763.

Important Ideas from British Actions and Colonial Reactions

← Parliament adopted three measures that aroused colonial suspicions of a British plot to subvert their liberties.

← Colonist protested the Stamp Act the strongest.

← Protesting provoked Britain to make new taxes.

← Levying taxes made the colonist angry.

Section Summary:
← The differences in religion lead to the forming of new colonies

← The New England Confederation was formed but sometime after King Phillip’s War

Important Ideas from Restoration Colonies

← The land for The Carolinas was granted to 8 nobles for their efforts to gain the throne.

← To strengthen his holdings Charles II gave the dutch land in the Americas to his brither which is now known as new york

← The land west of New Jersey was settled by Quakers who were heavily persecuted for their beliefs.

← William Penn received land has debt to his father and used it to provide refuge to Quakers and later allowed the lower three counties of Pennsylvania to be a separate colony known as Delaware

← The final colony of Georgia was added as a simple way for the colonies to protect themselves from Spanish Florida.

Section Summary:...