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Primark is a subsidiary company of the ABF Group. The company launched in 1969 in Ireland trading as Penny's. By 2000, there were over 100 Primark stores across Britain and Ireland. By 2012 Primark had 238 branches across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Primark is a great place to go for stylish, trendy clothes without the expensive price tag. Whether its on the go or for something which can make up to look like a high street find. But for those who are less fortunate to shop at the more expensive stores, it’s hard creating a more ''unique'' look with Primark clothes as Primark tend to follow high street trends Primark include children’s mini jewellery which is of terrible quality and of course the ''adults'' jewellery which most people go for even me, the jewellery range are little picks of what Claire's Accessories have but in smaller quantities. Brooches can be found also necklaces and hair pins at great affordable prices which make Claire's look terrible.

The marketing objectives of Primark can be summarized into following short terms of goals:
1. They target specific kinds of audience and potential buyers for their clothing material. They devise marketing strategies which are applicable and directed to specific audience only; aims right at the correct direction. 2. The output of the productivity should be measurable in terms of quantity and quality. The amount is important because it will measure the profit the company has made and the other intangible benefits and will determine how much the company has boosted after applying such techniques. 3. All of their strategic marketing process are realistic; hence, can be applied in reality without much dilemma. 4. All of the strategic marketing guidelines are time bounded. Meaning, they have to be implemented and ready to be available at service for the customer before it’s too late. As the competitors of Primark are in constant hurry to beat the company, the highly recommendable to work instability and execute the devise strategies on the time it has been panned. 5. The data used in the analysis of deciding strategic marketing planning processes should be accurate and authentic. Any single mistake could turn into a disaster and heavy loss for Primark. Not only it will be a monetary loss, but also the goodwill of the clothing garment retailer would highly be affected.

Definition corporate Social responsibility:
CSR is the process of assessing an organization’s impact on society and evaluating their responsibilities. CSR begins with an assessment of a business and their: Customers
Primark CSR consideration

Primark believes that business has a responsibility to act and trade ethically and that, by doing so, it can be a force for good. Its business directly contributes to the employment of more than 700,000 workers across three continents. Ensuring that their rights are respected is key to its continued growth.


(Indian Financial inclusion) (Bangladesh women health program) Bangladesh women health program:
1. Better health 4. Better health care for family 2. Can work more 5. Children Educated 3. More money 6. Better life style 1. Better health: Improving the health of women workers in Bangladesh and helping to empower and educate the female workforce is an important ethical goal in its own right. The benefits to communities can also been seen. Over time, initiatives like this can support key issues such as reducing infant mortality. 2. Can work more: Primark is working in several ways to continually improve ethical standards and working conditions...
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