Amphetamine Effects

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  • Published : August 11, 2011
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Among the physical and mental ill effects of amphetamine abuse are:

Side Effects, Overdose: increased heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure, sometimes rising to killer levels. "Mainlining" Effects: physical collapse, mental im- balance, even death. Long-Term Use: fatigue due to lack of sleep, mal- nutrition and emaciation due to deadened appetite, loss of self-balance and self-control, loss of a sense of reality, impaired thinking and speech, shattered emotions and unpredictable reactions, occasionally. brain damage which may result in a vegetable-like existence. Fits of violent insanity are common when an abuser gets "strung out," gets to maintain high am- phetamine levels for a long period. He suffers social, emotional, physical, mental and economic ruin. Body Damage: brain, heart and liver damages, which reduce an abuser's life expectancy to no more than fwe years after he gets "hooked" or addicted by "speed." There, too is: "Up" drugs mask the signs of fatigue; an abuser may push him- self beyond his physical and mental endurance and suffer a physical or mental collapse. Infections: hepatitis, tetanus and other seriojis infec- tions due to use of dirty or unsterile needles and syringes in injecting amphetamines. Mind Damage: suspicious, raw-nerved, impulsive, sometimes violent behavior, which makes a "speed freak" quarrelsome and given to killer instincts. This fear-filled insanity, called "a paranoid psychotic state" in medical language, can last long beyond the drug's activity. It resembles "paranoid schizc- phrenia," violent split personality. Collapse of Values: social, family and moral values deterioration. Like the heroin addict, the "speed freak" will do anything to obtain his "speed." Impaired Judgment: failure to judge space, time and distances properly, like LSD offects; mental and physical dis- coordination. The abuser tends to become reckless, is prone to take great risks. Hygiene Neglect: a common side-effect, which can lead to...
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