Amount of Sleep and Gpa in Graduate Students at Ohio

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E720 Notebook Assignment: Correlation

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Amount of Sleep and GPA in Graduate Students at Ohio University Many graduate students may not be receiving enough sleep at night. With increased workloads and responsibilities many students are forced to sacrifice their sleep hours to keep up with the work. This means that students are forced to stay up later and get up earlier. It has been found that lack of sleep can reduce ones mental capabilities like a lack of focus. With graduate students getting less sleep it may be possible that they suffer mentally and see a decline in GPA when compared with someone who receives more sleep. I plan to research whether there is a relationship between the hours of sleep a student gets and his or her GPA. This correlational study involved forty randomly selected people whose hours of sleep were charted and GPA reported. The hours or sleep and the GPA of the students were entered into SPSS's spread sheet and are shown on the next page.

E720 Notebook Assignment: Correlation

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Dependent and Independent Variables

In correlational analysis we do not call one variable dependent and the other independent. However, Hours of sleep will be placed on the X-axis (abscissa) and GPA will placed on the Y-axis (ordinate) Is there a correlation between Hours of sleep and GPA in graduate students at Ohio University? There is a positive correlation between Hours of sleep and GPA in graduate students at Ohio University. Ho:  0 Ha:  0  = .05 The following parameters determined my sample size: (a) large effect size of  = .50, (b) one-tailed test, (c) 1 = .05, (d) power of .87. These parameters indicated that a sample of 40 people were needed. Assumption (1) The scores of the students are independent of one another. This is a reasonable assumption because the students were selected at random and had no communication with one another. Assumption (2) The pairs of scores follow a bivariate normal distribution. The stem-and-leaf displays and tests of normality of each variable indicate that they probably came from a normal distribution. This is further substantiated by their measures of skewness (-.072, Sleep Hours, and -.259, GPA) and kurtosis (-.869, Sleep Hours, and .733, GPA) which indicate that each variable is likely to have come from a normal distribution. The scatterplot of these scores indicates an ellipse of points descending from right to left which is the shape this plot would have if the scores came from a bivariate normal distribution.

Research Problem: Research Hypothesis: Statistical Hypothesis: Level of Significance (-level): Sample Size Selection:

Possible Violations Of Assumptions

E720 Notebook Assignment: Correlation

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I rejected Ho because the p-value (.003) was less than the level of significance ( = .05) and concluded that there is significant relationship between Hours of Sleep and GPA. The correlation between Hours of Sleep and GPA is a moderate value of .463 which is significant to the .01 level. This implies that there is strong and relationship between Hours of Sleep and GPA. That is, when Hours of sleep are increased GPA also increases, and when the Hours of sleep decrease GPA also decreases. Given the significant correlation between Hours of Sleep and GPA, administration in institutions of higher education should stress the importance of sleep on the students. Faculty should also lessen the workload for these students so that they are able to get a good night sleep every night.



E720 Notebook Assignment: Correlation

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Sleep_Hrs = .5*z1+6 . . GPA = .4*z2+2.90 . .

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