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Topics: Pricing, Australia, Marketing Pages: 22 (7549 words) Published: May 10, 2011
1. Executive Summary
With today’s saturated market and the desire to fulfill the surge in consumer demand, it became apparent that moving abroad in foreign investment undoubtedly offers the possibility of boundless growth and prosperity. As said phenomenon also suggests that international expansion increase target market and widen companies’ resources will likely favor sales, profits and brand recognition.

The overseas market chosen is Australia; the first outlet will be located in Sydney near the CBD district. Judging from the Situation Analysis, Australia is an ideal platform to start on small and medium enterprise and due to its surge in demand for health and wellness industry. Therefore Amore will be able to meet the demands of Australians as they seek for beauty, health and wellness. Amore stands out from its competitors due to its wide range of services and products readily available, and most importantly, Amore specially caters for the females. The customer target segment for Amore in Australia is the modern, sophisticated new-age working women with high spending power. This report will show the marketing and implementation plan of Amore to exploit its opportunities entry into Singapore market. Through environmental analysis, such as the political, economic, cultural, technological, environmental and legal aspects, there is a clear background about the external factors of the business and the environment operating in Australia.

The report also sets the direction, by looking at Amore’s strengths, and weaknesses; and also in the view of its opportunities and threats relevant to the external environment in development and then decides on strategies to counter its threats and makes use of its opportunities.

In addition, market segmentation conducted with the aid of geographic, demographic and psychographic data help in tailoring Amore’s products and services. Next, with the marketing objectives set for Amore in the first three years, implementation of 4P’s marketing mix strategy will assist further development and improvement to achieve the objectives.

Lastly, project timeline is monitored for budget allocation, monitoring and control to reduce the perceived risk of overseas investment.

2. Background Description
In 1985, Amore Fitness was established and is Singapore’s leading fitness and spa service provider. Also, it is an award winning company whereby they are committed in promoting and encouraging the publics to achieve a much more healthier lifestyle with the help of Amore. Furthermore, Amore Fitness provides world-class services where high quality gym equipments are used to enhance the whole workout experience with an affordable price. Amore Fitness provides highly qualified instructors with ample experience to serve their customers at its best. Furthermore, Amore fitness has 17 fitness centers and spa clubs located island-wide today, and has over 300 fitness classes commencing every week to select from. Amore came up with a boutique spa, where quality standards, brilliant service and also professionalism are provided to the customers. Amore Define is one of the luxurious spa to pamper the customers cater for both men and women (Amore Fitness Pte Ltd 2011). Amore Fitness popularity among women has increase rapidly as women today pay extra attention to their health and also their figure. Thus Amore Fitness takes advantage of it to invent a list of series to attract women and encourage them to be more pro-active approach to their new lifestyle. In addition to that, Amore Fitness is proud to collaborate with the Singapore Sports Council in bringing forward the Women’s Day Out (WDO). It is the largest annual women’s sporting event held locally in Singapore. Amore focuses on unique business strength in both fitness and holistic spa to meet the customers’ needs today (Amore Fitness Pte Ltd 2011). 3. Corporate Vision

"More than I am" for total wellness as Amore is more than fitness and...
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