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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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hAmopan: Getting Started
1. I will be in Amopan for one year. This way I can observe the life of a village for a whole year cycle. 2. My total budget was approved for $11,270.
3. It took from October 1st to April 1st to get my proposal back. I believe it took so long because 200 other proposals were sent to be revised. 4. The exchange rate between U.S. dollars and Mexican pesos is 10. For example if you have $1 in American money it will convert into 10 Mexican pesos. Today’s dollar to peso rate is $1 to 13.29 pesos. 5. Mexico City is Northeast of Amopan.

6. It is a good idea to have a contact like Professor Elisa Sabia because she is also an anthropologist. She can help me get started. Professor Elisa Sabia also knows the area of Amopan and can help with directions. If I didn’t have a contact I wouldn’t know ant locals in the area. 7. It is good to have a letter of introduction from the president of municipio because it clears up any questions or concerns someone might have if I’m stopped along my travels it will help straighten things out. 8. I made several preparations for my trip. They include packing necessary luggage, making plane reservations, planning a budget, consulting contacts and of course supplies and equipment. 9. In my knapsack I included personal items and a field guide. The personal items are for well personal reasons. The field guide helps me with a myriad of things such as conversion charts and clues/tips for the field. 10. The elevation of Amopan is 1000 meters and 3280.84 feet. I know this because I used the conversation chart in my knapsack. 11. The population of Amopan is 532. I know this because on the video it Welcomed us to Amopan with a sign that had the population and elevation.

Extra Credit
12. Bronislaw Radcliffe-Pritchard is another archeologist that studied Amopan. He also created the census for Amopan and the video I watched given to me by Professor Elisa Sabia in the sixties....
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