Among the Hidden Summer Reading

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  • Published : August 25, 2010
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Bell 3
Summer Reading


“It’s not easy the life you’ve got to live. I know you’d like to look outside. You’d like to go outside.” (18)

Luke Garner is an illegal third child who is forced to live a life no one would ever want to live. Luke can’t be seen for the safety of his own life. This means he can never go outside or even look outside in case of someone seeing him. Luke’s Mother feels for him and tries to comfort him by telling him she understands how hard his life is. This quote is important because it describes the theme of the book, or how Luke is forced to live. All Luke really wants is to be able to go outside freely and feel the warm soil beneath his bare feet. However, because of the law he must never even think about the outside.


“Free,” Jen said. “It’s ‘free’.” (88)

Jen Talbot is a courageous third child who coincidently lives next door to Luke Garner. Jen and Luke soon become friends and Jen teaches Luke to live with less paranoia. Jen shows Luke her secret chat room where other third children can communicate to each other. The password for the chat room is free. This quote is important because it describes Jen’s personality. All of Jen’s life she has had to hide from the world. Desperately wanting to be free she makes the password free. This shows that Jen is relentless and how much she wants to be treated like a normal child.


“Make a difference in the world.” (149)

As Luke is leaving his real life to live with a fake identity his mother tells him he doesn’t have to leave and the family can take care of him. Luke tells his mother he doesn’t want to leave but he wants to make a difference in the world. This quote is important because it describes how Luke changed toward the end of the book. Luke used to be paranoid and cautious about going outside and possibly getting caught. But now he wants to help other third children in the world and is willing to risk being caught while trying to...
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