Amnestic Disorder

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Amnestic Disorder
Riddhi Bulsara
September 1st 2011
Clinical Asepsis

My paper is going to be about Amnestic Disorder. “Amenstic disorder is a group of diorders that involve loss of memories. Previouly established, loss of ability to creat new memories, or loss of the ability to learn new information”. As defined by the mental health professional's handbook, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , fourth edition, text revision (2000), also known as DSM-IV-TR. Amnestic Disorder usually comes due to general medical conditions that create memory disturbance and exposure to chemicals. In my paper I’ll include the discription of amnestic disorder, Their causes and symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, prognosis and prevention of the disorder.

Amnestic disorders are described by problems with memory function. There is a variety of symptoms associated with the amnestic disorders, as well as differences in the severity of symptoms. Some people experience difficulty remembering events that happened or facts that they learned before the beginning of the amnestic disorder. This type of amnesia is called retrograde amnesia. Other people experience the inability to learn new facts or retain new memories, which is called anterograde amnesia. People with amnestic disorders do not usually forget all of their personal history and their identity, although memory loss of this amout of severity occurs in very rare cases, for instances in patients with dissociative disorders. Causes and symptoms of the disorder.

Amnestic disorders are caused by physical or chemical damage to parts of the brain . Problems remembering previously learned information be different widely according to the location and the severity of brain damage. The ability to learn and remember new information is always affected in an amnestic disorder. Amnestic disorder occurs due to a general medical condition that can be caused by head trauma, tumors, stroke , or disease...
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