Amlit Minister Black Veil

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Not any particular person is above sinning. Isn’t that what we are taught? We are taught to love thy neighbor, regardless of appearance or actions. We are taught in our everyday environment to “treat other the way you would want to be treated,” regardless of how they treat you. Yet we all pass judgment. We all find “the other” to isolate. Discrimination and prejudice against religion, sexuality, age, and ethnicity is everywhere. Never mind the fact that you are a godly person. The bible says no other person can pass judgement onto your neighbors. Gossip is a sin in the bible yet, we do it everyday. We feed off of gossip. Sometimes for drama in our own life, sometimes to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, sometimes its just to do it. We isolate someone who is different and instead of passing them by like just another face on the street we give them more and more attention. We hold other people to higher standards because of title and position. Some people feel they are entitled because of position and we allow it. Why? They are human just like you and I. They are going to make mistakes just like you and I. Why are they held to higher standards than you and I? Why do they get privileges that are not offered to you and I because of title and position?

In The Minister’s Black Veil (1836), the veil is used symbolize and remind us that no-one is above sinning, not even a minister. Yet he became isolated as “the other.” When he first appeared with it on the members of the church gathered outside in groups and talked amongst each other about it and how he was ”mad.” Some left the service because it disturbed them that much. The change in appearance made such an impact that people deemed him “mad” and “disturbed” he became an “object of dread.” However the only thing that changed was the veil upon his face. He was as sane as the day prior, and as competent as the days before yet the veil isolated him. It stated in the story that “Mr. Hooper had the reputation...
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