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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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Market Research

Amity University
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| | | |Market Research |ADL-10 | | | | | |Preface | | | | | |Research acts as a platform for all the statistical manipulations and filtration of data and interpreting the results thereof, solving the defined problem to be | | |search upon. The role of measurement and statistics in social science research is treated sensitively and competently. | | |The term Research basically refers to search of knowledge is widely used in the area of Academics and various Industries as well. Our brain starts working and we | | |feel that it is something related to finding new areas, collecting all related information’s and preparing a consolidated report. As the management | | |students we are expected to have good knowledge and practice of these topics. | | |Hence before going into the technical knowledge of these topics let’s understand the basic meaning of the terms Research Methods. Research Methods includes the | | |concepts as they relate to a particular discipline or field of inquiry is a collection of theories, concepts or ideas; comparative study of different approaches; and| | |critique of the individual methods | | | | | | | | |Research methodology, as introduced in this book, is a means to understand the ways in which social science research produces multiple accounts of the world.| | |Further, methodology specifies how the researcher may go about practically studying whatever he or she believes can be known. | | |Regarding the organization, the study material consists of 8 chapters, well arranged in a coherent manner with an intention to serve as a study material for MBA | | |students.The different sections of this study material are: | | |...
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