Amitav Ghosh : a Pioneer Writer in English Literature

Topics: Amitav Ghosh, Salman Rushdie, Man Booker Prize Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The main objective of working on Ghosh is to reinterpret this huge iconic figure in contemporary Anglo Indian literature who has raised and answered a lot many questions about the identity of the subjugated in this world. His readings give us insights into the plight of émigré. In order to reach the depth of his vision one needs precise tools to make a better sense of the eastern discourses on suppressed or marginalised who are misrepresented by the westerners misusing the power of expression. Some critical tools will be used here to understand the workings of the discourses in all their forms- political, biographical , epistemic and of course literary. A brief account of this chapter is as follow: The first novel by Amitav Ghosh, The Circle of Reason, was published in 1986. In his In an Antique Land (1992), Ghosh connects the sciences of historiography, ethnography and philology with the representational strategies of fiction. Amitav followed his passion for writing by taking up a job in a print media company. His first job was for a local tabloid called the Indian Express. In 1986, he published his first book The Circle of Reason. Over the years, Ghosh wrote several books such as The Shadow Lines (1988), In an Antique Land, (1992), The Calcutta Chromosome (1995), Dancing in Cambodia (1998), Countdown (1999), The Glass Palace (2000), The Imam and the Indian (2002), The Hungry Tide (2005), Sea Of Poppies (2008), and River of Smoke (2011) that won him great adulation. His books not only earned him the distinction of writer par excellence, but also won him great laurels for his unconventional themes. His books are loaded with indo-nostalgic rudiments accompanied with an interesting mix of his personal philosophy and strong post-colonialism themes. Sea of Poppies won a nomination at the Booker's Prize and got much appreciation from his admirers for his brilliant plot and storyline. Broadly speaking the objective of this research work is to examine the themes in...
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