Amistad Essay

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  • Published : September 26, 2010
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In the 1997 movie Amistad, Steven Spielberg illustrates the events that took place in 1839 on the Spanish ship, The Amistad (La Amistad). The movie travels through the events with vivid and powerful emotion. The slaves, even though they could not speak English, undoubtedly demonstrated their intense longing for freedom in Spielberg’s version of the historical event. The setting of Amistad proved to be frequently accurate. The backdrop of the movie was unfailing to the period in which it occurred . There are a few mistakes, though, that went unseen in the making of the film. The American flag that swayed proudly throughout the film carried too many stars. It is the present day American flag that the viewer notices waving through the air, while the flag should have contained less stars. Not all of the states that construct the U.S. had been added to the flag in the early 1800s. Another inconsistency with the environment around the movie took place during the scene with John Quincy Adams standing outside the Capitol building talking with Theodore Jeadson. There is a dome on the Capitol, which was not truly constructed onto the building until 1863. This is a apparent blemish, since the movie was set in 1839 - 1840s. Spielberg revealed the characters in the movie with massive accuracy. The feeling that the actors exulted beautifully exemplified how the slaves, attorneys, townspeople, and even the President was reacted at that moment in time. The lone character that was conflicting with the actual person was the slaves’ attorney, Roger Baldwin. In reality, Roger Baldwin was not youthful and inexperienced. He was actually about fifty years old, and a exceedingly esteemed lawyer. A few years after the Amistad case, he was elected governor of Connecticut. Other than that one instance of character change, the movie did well in the character aspect to reenact the strong feelings and thoughts that commenced during the Amistad incident. The plot of the movie was astonishingly...
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