Amish vs Aussie

Topics: Amish, Adolescence, Rumspringa Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The Amish are a group of traditionalist, anti-modernist, protestant religious followers. Founded by Jakob Ammann, in 1690 when him, and his followers broke away from being Mennonites in Europe and immigrated to the united stated, were there communities have thrived for over 300 years and going strong. The British colonized Australia in 1788, although there had been native aboriginal people living on the land for thousands of years. British jails were filling up too fast as a result of the industrial revolution, which had made it harder for people to earn an honest wage as simple jobs were replaced by machines. Unemployment went through the roof, and consequently, so did crime. Britain came up with a solution; send them to Australia, which at this time was “unclaimed” land. So they did. The first fleet was made up of eleven ships that brought over 1500 men, women and children to Australia. Were they started a society they has bloomed ever since. Today, Amish live in rural areas and are dependent on agriculture; they try to be as self sufficient as possible, where as in Australia most of the population lives in the city or suburbs, and rely on supermarkets, and in34ternet shopping to get them through the day. Amish Reject technology and other modern things, they have a system to which they introduce a modern appliance etc. instead of inventing something and letting loss in the community with no thought of repercussions as we do in Australia and many other western societies, they introduce the product and monitor it closely, then they decide whether it is necessary in there society or not, and figure out a way to minimize it to an exceptionable amount which will not interrupt tradition or community relationships. For example: the telephone; in Australia almost every one over the age of 12 has a mobile phone, we carry them around all day and most of us would feel naked with out it. The majority of people would answer the phone in the middle of a conversation or at...
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