Amish Religion and Beliefs

Topics: Amish, Anabaptist, Mennonite Pages: 6 (1742 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Amish Religion and Beliefs
Sandra Johnson
ANT 101: Cultural Anthropology
Instructor: Chad Goings
February 11, 2013

Amish Religion and Beliefs Introductory
The Amish was founded in Europe by Jacob Amman who would be the person they would receive there name of Amish from. The Amish started migrating to the United States in the late 18 century and initially settled in Pennsylvania, other immigrants became established in about 30 States like Ohio, New York, Iowa just to name a few. The Amish community is very removed from the regular life we live on a day to day basis. Amish religion traces their origin back to sixteenth century German Swiss who started to migrate to North America by the eighteenth century during the American Revolution. I what to take my readers through the Amish lifestyle on how they make their money, and how does this life effect the women and children because of their non-beliefs in social change they will have to live by. Their life has to be very hard without modern conveniences I will research the beliefs of the Amish of today’s Medical Health system and how do their families deal with sickness in their community. The Amish also are different from one another today there are about 273,700 Amish Concentrated in over 30 States in American; I will cover this religion on why the Amish and their beliefs have an impact on the people who live this lifestyle.
Amish Religion and Beliefs Beliefs and Values

Amish religion is based upon the basic tenets of early Christianity and a desire to be faithful to God. They believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that the Church is the body of Christ fulfilling God's purposes on earth. The Amish in every county stress the importance of keeping the body of pure in heart and free from the contaminating influences of the worldly aspects of life. The founder of the Amish and the person who name is religion group. Jacob Amman he was born in (- 1644 to -1720 CE) and die. Jacob always favored stronger church discipline including a more rigid application of shunning the excommunicated members. The Amish sometimes called their self’s Amish Mennonites are members of Anabaptist Christian denomination who are especially known for their separation from society for living in isolated Amish communities and rejecting most of modern technology, and their distinctly conservative dressing. The Amish religion and traditions grew out of the Anabaptist reformers who rejected what they felt were corrupt practices in the Protestant and Catholic religions of the 1500's. The Anabaptists believed that formal theological training was not necessary since the lay members of the congregation were just as capable of interpreting the Scriptures as the priests. The Anabaptists, as well as the Mennonites and Amish, believe the use of religious icons are a form of idolatry and that formal rituals are merely a distraction from true worship.

Amish Religion and Beliefs Beliefs and Values

The fellowship known as the Swiss Anabaptists, are often viewed as having been a part of a radical reformation. Anabaptist means “one who baptizes again” this is a reference to those who had been baptized as infants, and then as an adult they will be baptized again. This is sometime called a meaningless practice because it is impossible for a child...
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