Amish Essay 4

Topics: Amish, Simple living, Seven deadly sins Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: November 16, 2010
The text describes the Amish as an example of folk culture in the United States. This assignment will require the use of the internet to gather information on the Amish way-of-life as an example of folk culture. You will gather information on the Amish, using various sources (internet, books, newspapers, magazines, etc…), and compare it to what you know about pop culture. You need not research case studies about pop culture, because you yourself are a living testimony to pop culture.

I. The assignment is two-fold. The first part is in the form of a written response (paragraph) where you are required to present your reaction to the Amish, focusing on the following:

• The Amish have an idea of Separatism. They do not want their members to become what they feel is evil and wicked. Their clothing, transportation, food, and work are all extremely different from the people around them. Their neighbors go to work via an automobile to an office where they dress in a factory-made suit then later go to McDonalds to get a Big Mac. The Amish on the other hand, dress is homemade dark clothing, travel by horse power, eat what they have grown on the farm, and work on that farm. When people keep in close contact they tend to merge and become one, which is seen by the American Melting Pot and how people of many diverse cultures from around the world developed one culture over time. • The Amish's idea of having a simple life is based off the deadly sin of Pride. They avoid education to maintain that simple farmer based lifestyle. They fear power and enjoyment of that power because that links to pride. It is easy to see how our knowledge advanced civilization is based on powers. From the government to business, people secure what they have based on power. Money is power. People strive in the pursuit of happiness which happens to be securing power by education and hard work so that they can make money, or more power. • Amish believe that they should...
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