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Amish culture religion and beliefs.

The Amish culture originated in Bern, Switzerland, and southwestern region of Germany. In the early 1700’s, the Amish culture began to migrate to Pennsylvania due to Williams Penn’s offer for low-priced land. Within the early 1800’, the Amish culture began to spread throughout the United States and some parts of Canada. They would buy land in rural and frontier settlements in order to isolate themselves from other groups. Isolating themselves from other groups or culture would help prevent disruption of cultural beliefs.

The Amish culture is different than other culture. The Amish culture beliefs come from their religion. They have different styles of churches and have different wedding and funeral beliefs. The Amish creates their own clothes, and cooks their own food from scratch. The do not use technology in ways other cultures do, and uses technology only on farm and businesses. They have different education beliefs that sometimes conflicts with others.

The Amish religion is based off of Christianity. They believe that God called upon them as a simple life of faith or disciple. The Amish hold church services in houses instead of churches. The household bring benches for each other to sit on. Each church service will usually last up to three hours. While in service, men and women sit in separate section. After church, the benches are then flipped over and used as tables. The men and women eat in separate sections and the start from oldest to youngest. After eating, most of them will stay around for socialization.

The Amish culture holds their wedding within their home of the bride’s parents instead of in a church. It is a tradition that the bride is to make her own dress. They do not take photo at the wedding. The Amish also do not have rings, makeup or flowers. It is a joyful event that involves everyone in the community. After the service, a feast is held to the invited...
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