Aminata's Coming of Age

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  • Published : June 12, 2012
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How would one feel if one were violently taken from home to a backwards place one would never understand? Aminata experienced these events first hand, which she conveys in her memoir. In this story The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill, she tells the story of her life. From how she was taken from her village of Bayo in Africa, where she enjoyed freedom, lived with dignity, and shipped across the 'big river’, as a slave, to the thirteen colonies now known as the United States America. Aminata experiences grief and hardship, Anger and joy, and a fiery determination to get back home. In this compelling story, Aminata grows in various ways as she deals with slavery, discrimination, and the loss of her family.

Aminata could only rely on herself if she wanted to survive. For example, Aminata used Tom's attachment to her to help the other slaves like when she got him to help Fomba, who came from the same village as her. This showed that she has matured because before this happened she most likely would not have helped him since in her village Fomba was a woloso, a second generation captive belonging to the chief (16). Aminata became more mature because she trusted in what she could do and did not largely depend on her friends. As she had never had a real home l after she became a slave until years later when she settled in Nova Scotia with her daughter May. She never spent more than a few years at a time in one place so it was difficult to get support from the friendships she had created. Aminata also used Chekura’s willingness to help her to get things she needed. This happened when she had him convince the slave traders to let the women out of the coffle so that they could rest their necks.

Another way that Aminata matures is that she does not let discrimination get to her it is merely a hurdle to over come .She knew that she was much smarter and much more capable than what they thought she was. She used her cleverness to find ways out of the tough...
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