Amigo Brothers

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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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Have you ever read the story Amigo Brothers? Well if you haven't your missing out on one of the best stories ever. The title even shows greatness for the story. The author of Amigo Brothers is Diri Thomas. The story tells you about two friends that are like brothers. These two boys names are Felix and Antonio. Felix and Antonio are similar, yet different in a variety of ways.

Felix’s appearance is that he’s dark and short. Being short is defenently a plus because he can get better punches at the stomach. And Felix also’s husky so he can hit harder than the other boxers because he has more muscle. Antonio’s appearance is that he’s fair, so now you know Antonio has good sportsmanship. Antonio is also lean, so he’s not skinny nor fat, but more on the skinny side. Although he is still strong. As I was telling you about Felix and Antonio I was thinking that I should tell you about their amazing fighting styles.

Felix’s fighting style is that he’s a better slugger, so when he’s in boxing matches himself he knows when to punch and when not to punch. But since Felix is an astonishing slugger he likes to aim for the head more than the body. Felix also likes to corner his opponents to get better shots at their.heads. Antonio’s fighting style is that he’s a better boxer, which means he uses the slugger such as Felix to become a better boxer. Antonio is also a faster hitter, so he can get more punches to the person to harm them. But this is also a disadvantage because he gets tired faster. And Antonio is faster, this would be a goo thing because in boxing matches you have to ”jump rope” while boxing.What Felix does on his free time is to watch movies. I say this because in he story it says that he was watching a movie and it was his 3rd time watching it. Felix also likes to, think about his day, I am making this statement because in the story it says that he was thinking about what he and Antonio were talking about on their run. Felix is also...
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