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By | Feb. 2010
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Short Story Analysis
In Philippine Literature

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Don M. Velasquez


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Sir Miller Duron
March 02, 2009

By Magdalena Julandoni

1. Explain the title. In what way is it suitable to the story?
Anabella is the name of the main character of the story. It talks about the love story of Anabella in which she had a love interest in the person of Tito. Their love story is not that success at first due to some conflicts that they encounter during their relationship. It is suitable in a way that it focuses mainly on Anabella as a woman fighting for her right to love and be loved by somebody. In addition, Anabella’s story made the story evolves and revolves.

2. What is the predominant element in the story- plot, theme, character, and setting? Explain. The 2 predominant elements on the story are the characters and the theme. The theme was dominant in a sense that it is a imperfect love story of 2 different and opposing individuals wherein in their relationship, many conflicts occur that made it somehow fail but when love really finds it way, there is no thing that can separate them. Characters is also one of the dominant element since the title talks about Anabella, Anabella is the main character that plays a big role on their love story. She is the one we see struggling, changing from a simple woman into a wealthy person, and making her love come true.

3. Who is the single main character about whom the story centers? Explain.
Anabella is the single main character about whom the story centers. She is the one who made the story happened. Because in the story, she fell in love, she struggles with love, and she waited for her love, and finally she reach happiness because of her love. She is the one made the story colorful and made it interesting because it shows how a woman survives a relationship because of her love.

4. What sort of conflict confronts the leading character or characters? Explain.

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