Americas Influence in World Politics

Topics: United States, Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Between 1890 and 1905 America was a very young nation, a nation that had developed industrial power and economic strength yet we had not entered on the world stage. Many Americans believed that America role in the world that America has a special mission to be a moral and model society. The vast majority of Americans were starting to see America in a larger role, a new form of Manifest Destiny believing that it was a part of a divine plan that America was not only to spread across the continent but to others such as Japan and Russia. Many believed that this was America moral duty, one such believer is Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was one that believed that American boarders or interest should be expanded through many means, including acts of war (Jaycox, 2005). “Theodore Roosevelt entered the White House with a public reputation as a reformer. He had gained it as a civil service commissioner, police commissioner, and reform governor of the state of New York. The youngest president to enter the office, to many people he represented not only a rising generation but also the rising tide of reform” (Jaycox, 2005 ∏3). Roosevelt’s introduction into world politics came in the form of the unclear boundary line descriptions in the Alaska purchase from Russia in 1867. The line between the Alaskan panhandle and the Canadian Yukon were being disputed. Canada pressed their claim to ownership. President Roosevelt was not willing to compromise with the Canadians. In 1902, an arbitration panel was formed, consisting of three Americans, two Canadians, and one British. Roosevelt instructed the American representatives to give compromise nothing, give nothing, his orders were let known to British diplomats located in Washington. The end result being that the British representative agreed with the American representatives, the panels vote brought forth the rejection of Canadian claims, and the boundary was adjusted to a slight degree (Jaycox, 2005). After the Spanish American...
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