Americas Dream

Topics: Poverty, Wealth, Working class Pages: 2 (796 words) Published: November 20, 2011
America is not in a downward spiral of mobility. The American dream is the idea that economic mobility is possible. The idea that someone can work their way up the economic ladder and move up in “Social Classes”. Holly Sklar writes a piece entitled “The Growing Gulf between the Rich and the Rest of Us” where she expresses her idea that the rich are only getting richer and there is no idea of the American dream. However, Bruce Barlett argues that the poor are not as poor and the rich are getting richer in his writing “The Truth About Wages”. Michael Kamber also gives a great example in his article “Toil and Temptation” giving a real life story of someone who lived the American Dream. The American dream is possible and people are living it. If people are living the American dream then they must be moving up in economic mobility.

The American people are working their way out towards an upward economic mobility. Bartlett makes comment stating “… the percentage of households with low income has fallen and the percentage of those with high income has risen” (314-315). Bartlett is showing us that there are less people making “low income” and more making “high income”. If there are less people in low income housing then that proves that people are working their way out moving upward. Showing us that the poor are becoming wealthier and moving into high income housing. Bartlett also shows statistics “those with an income above 75,000 (in 2005 dollars)-rose to 28.3 percent last year from 27.9 percent in 2004. In 1995 only 24.4 percent of households had that much income, up from 20.2 percent in 1985 and 14 percent in 1975” (314). What these numbers show us is that the number of people making more than 75,000 keeps going up. These numbers just keep going up showing us that there are more and more people starting to get wealthier.

A story of an immigrant who moved up in the world threw upward economic mobility. In Kambers piece he tells a story about a man named Lupe...
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