Americans Attitude Towards Food

Topics: Nutrition, McDonald's, Fast food Pages: 4 (1399 words) Published: October 22, 2011
Americans attitudes towards food could be said that it varies towards different groups such as: race, age, lifestyles, etc. one thing could be said that at a point they all eat fast food for different reasons. Even though some might eat more than others fast food has became a part of the American culture. As it was mentioned in ‘Super Size Me’, in the American culture, Americans like everything big. “We have the biggest cars, biggest houses, biggest companies and now the biggest people”, seems that we like it so much that we ourselves are becoming bigger than we have ever been. Statistics have shown that the united States is one of the fattest country’s in the world, nearly 100 million are over weight or obese, that’s more than 60% of all adults (Super Size Me, 2004). The reason its gotten to this point has to do a lot with our way of living and our poor health choices. The reasons Americans have certain attitudes toward food is because we are always on a move trying to get places quicker, trying to find the best deals that will save us money, just plainly becoming lazier by finding the easiest way out and one of the most important I think would have to be greed from big companies. All those factors play a big role on Americans attitude towards food.

Even though different races eat different food than usual Americans it doesn’t mean they are not jumping on the bandwagon of eating fast food. Fast foods companies are growing all over the world, with McDonalds in more than 119 countries and growing ( As a Mexican American I grew up eating homemade food all the time, as a kid I remember my father would take me out to eat at McDonalds but the reason being was because my mother would be at work and there was nothing to eat. When my mom would get home she would get mad at my father for taking me to McDonalds when he could have just made me something at home. Ever since I could remember my mother hates and is against fast food, to this day as a...
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