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  • Published : March 24, 2012
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Do you notice that American culture has gradually assimilated into our society? Have you ever thought of how Americanization affects our daily life? Apparently, Americanization is defined as the assimilation into American culture. After defining what Americanization is, I would like to focus on its impacts. The first area is the change in value judgement. Freedom, democracy and progressive thinking are somewhat America advocates all the time. It does bring a positive impact to the Chinese society; especially in Hong Kong, in the past ten years, there is a significant spread of democracy. Nowadays, every citizen has the right to express our views on any affairs. Fairness and freedom of speech create a more civilized society for us. It is of no doubt that HK is no longer a conservative city. On the contrary, under the effect of progressive thinking and also the sexy Hollywood films, a problem gradually comes out. People become more open to sex, actually it’s too open. Casual sex among youngsters can easily cause adolescent pregnancy. Therefore coming along with are usually social problems such as child neglect and family violence. The next area I would like to talk about is business model. As we all know, America possesses an extensively large and influential market. Establishment of World Trade Organisation WTO is one positive impact that Americanization brings to the society since America is one of the countries to initiate such an international organisation. WTO deals with the global policies of trade among nations so as to ensure those countries which have signed the agreements have a fair trading among them. Not only it can stimulate the economy of some developing countries but also allow more countries to have wider choices of imported goods. However, the negative impact of Americanization on the world business is quite serious. As mentioned before, America is able to influence the market. The world finance is nearly under control by America. Once the...
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